About US

Falconry Outfitters LLC is based out of one of the most beautiful areas in the western United States – Reno, Nevada. Beyond the borders of city life, the rugged desert offers a hunter’s terrain of sagebrush, rocky foothills and valleys.

Our Team

Part of the Falconry Outfitters team includes Brian Evans and Corey Dalton, licensed Nevada falconers who enjoy hunting with all types of birds of prey.

Corey also runs NevadaFalconry.com, where he organizes “Meet & Greets” with prospective falconers and gives educational talks with his raptors to groups interested in learning about the sport.

The vision of Falconry Outfitters is to become the country’s foremost retailer of falconry equipment and related goods. It won’t happen overnight, but we invite you along for the ride as we grow our products, our name, and hopefully, our connection with the sport we love.

Our Products

We have taken great care to ensure our product lineup will meet the needs of economical buyers as well as those looking for superior quality, custom made goods.

We offer inventive solutions for affordable buys, including Kangaroo Hide by the Foot and BC Trap Kits. Other unique products in the future will include a “Build-A-Bag” service for designing your custom falconry bag, as well as downloadable how-to videos.

Please let us know how we’re doing and how we can best serve your needs. Thanks for stopping by!

~ The Falconry Outfitters Team

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